OCT 21ST - 24TH 2017 (Extra 3-day extension)


OCT 24TH - NOV 4TH 2017



Oct. 20 Friday
Departure from the USA

Trapani (3 nights)

Oct. 21 Saturday (supplementary 3-day tour)

Arrival at Palermo airport and transfer to Trapani. Visit ruins of Segesta, one of the best preserved Greek archeological sights in the Mediterranean, which include a very well preserved Greek temple and a Greek theater with a spectacular view. Dinner in restaurant.

Oct. 22 Sunday (supplementary 3-day tour)

Visit the beautiful baroque city center of Trapani and get a chance to taste what are considered to be Sicily's best cannoli. After lunch in town take a scenic cable ride to Medieval Erice, 750m high, from which, on a nice day, you can see the Etna volcano on the other side of the island. Dinner oyo.

Oct. 23 Monday (supplementary 3-day tour)

Ride down the evocative Trapani coastline with its salt mines and windmills. proceed to the charming town of Marsala that gave its name to its famous dessert wine. Have Marsala tasting at a winery before heading to Mazara del Vallo where we'll be having lunch. After lunch visit the historic quarters of Mazara with its labyrinth of narrow streets and magnificent baroque buildings. On our way back stop at a salt mine. The salt from these marshes is considered Italy's finest. At dusk the sun turns the salt fields rosy pink. Return to Trapani for dinner oyo.

Those participating solely in the standard mycological tour depart from the US on this day.

Palermo (3 nights)

Oct 24 Tuesday

Beginning of the mycological tour. Arrival at Palermo airport and transfer to hotel in town. Check in and orientation walk around the area where hotel is located. Dinner in Palermo.

Oct 25 Wednesday

Visit the city of Palermo, capital of Sicily and a feast of the senses. See some of the world's most beautiful mosaics in the Palazzo dei Normanni, the red domed San Giovanni degli Eremiti, symbol of the city and the imposing Cathedral. Abandon yourself to the sights and scents of the Vucciria Market. Lunch in Palermo and dinner oyo

Oct 26 Thursday

1st Mycoforay in Figuzza forest, 40km from Palermo and famous for its porcini and chestnut woods. Lunch in local trattoria or agriturismo. Afternoon visit of the unique Norman cathedral of Monreale with its dazzling gold mosaics. Dinner oyo.

Cefalu (2 nights)

Oct 27 Friday

Transfer to Cefalu. En route take part in 2nd mycoforay. Lunch in local trattoria or agriturismo. Reach Cefalu in time to visit its great XII century Cathedral and to have a stroll through this romantic medieval town, with its cobble-stoned streets, small fisherman's port and sandy beach. Dinner oyo.

Oct 28 Saturday

3rd Mycoforay in Madonie forest. Lunch in local trattoria or agriturismo. Afternoon activity, centered in Castelbuono, revolves around the extraction and treatment of manna, an ash tree syrup uniquely produced in Sicily and exported to the entire MiddleEast . Dinner oyo.

Castelbuono (3 nights)

Oct 29 Sunday

Transfer to Castelbuono in the Madonies. 4th mycoforay en route. Lunch in local trattoria or agriturismo. Set amid ancient ash and chestnut forests is the capital of the Madonie, Castelbuono, a golden patchwork of houses dominated by a huge 14th century castle.. Orientation walk around town. Dinner oyo.


Oct 30 Monday

Go on 5th mycoforay in the morning. Lunch in local trattoria or agriturismo. Afternoon visit Azienda La Fontana, a winery in Geraci Siculo where they make wines and liquers (manna too): Nero d'Avola, Catarratto, Amaro Corradino and others. Dinner oyo.

Oct 31 Tuesday

Go on 6th mycoforay in the morning. Lunch in local trattoria or agriturismo. Visit Gangi which in 2014 won the award, 'Borgo Più Bello d'Italia', prettiest village in Italy and which is also renowned for its bread and local cheese, provola delle Madonie. Return to Petralia Soprano. Dinner oyo.

Catania (3 nights)

Nov 1 Wednesday

Transfer to new hotel in Catania en route visit Piazza Armerina to visit the extraordinary ancient mosaics. Lunch in a local trattoria or agriturismo. Reach Catania in time to catch some of the sites of this buzzing city with grandiose lava-stone palazzi and baroque piazzas. Dinner oyo.

Nov 2 Thursday

Free time in Catania to wander through the backstreets of the Piazza del Duomo to see the best show in town: the raucous fish market that takes place every workday morning. Go on our 7th mycoforay. In November of 2016 a species of mushroom that is native only to west Africa, Macrocybe lobayensis, was found for the first time outside of Africa in the province of Catania. Lunch in local trattoria or agriturismo. Dinner oyo.

Nov 3 Friday

Whole day dedicated to Mount Etna. Look for mushrooms as you hear the volcano rumble. Farewell luncheon. Return to Catania for dinner oyo.

Nov 4 Saturday

After breakfast departure from Catania airport: back to US.



Do you know the land where lemon blossom grows?
Amid dark leaves the golden orange glows.
A gentle breeze drifts down from the blue sky, still stands the myrtle, and the laurel high.
Might you know it?
There, there Would I with you, oh my beloved, go.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  





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