OCT 20TH - NOV 3RD 2019 (Extra 3-day extension)

OCT 23RD - NOV 3RD 2019



3-day extended tour

Bologna (3 nights)

Day 1 - Sun Oct. 20 (3-day extension)

Pick up at Bologna International Airport at an hour to be established once everyone’s flight schedules are in. We recommend you book a flight that lands in the early afternoon (2pm – 4pm) as there will be limited transfers to hotel in the city center of Bologna. If you remain within our suggested time slot you can avoid having to wait at the airport for a long time if you arrive too early (or having to reach the hotel by your own means if you arrive too late). Check into rooms and freshen up. Orientation walk around the neighborhood where hotel is located.

Day 2 - Mon Oct. 21

After breakfast visit the city of Bologna, the foodie capital of Italy and home to the oldest university in Europe made up of red-brick palazzi, winding porticoed streets, medieval towers and a grand main square. After lunch in one of the many excellent restaurants found in Bologna see the wonderful Tagliavini collection of musical instruments housed in the exquisitely restored Church of San Colombano.

Day 3 - Tues Oct. 22

After breakfast visit Ferrara, one of the most important Renaissance cities of Italy, with an imposing castle complete with moat and drawbridge and a 12th century cathedral with an outstanding three-tiered white and pink marble facade. Have lunch in one of the local trattorie to try the unique cuisine of the area. Return to Bologna in the late afternoon.

Bagno di Romagna (3 nights)

Day 4 - Wed Oct 23

After breakfast those who have been in Italy the last three days can explore the Quadrilatero district of Bologna as they wait for the other guests to arrive. Enjoy wandering through the neighborhood's streets brimming with market stalls, cozy cafes and well-stocked gourmet delis. For those taking part in the solely mycological tour meet at Arrivals in the Bologna airport at a designated time to to be decided on once everyone's flight information is in. Look at the suggested times of Day 1. As this is a transfer day anyone arriving after 4 pm will have to reach our next destination on their own. Join the other participants and transfer to new hotel in Bagno di Romagna, a peaceful mountain village known in the area for its thermal waters. Orientation walk around the town followed by welcome dinner.


Day 5 - Thurs Oct 24

After breakfast meet local mycologist Pierluigi Angeli and go on 1st foray in forests near Bagno di Romagna where the wildlife reserve of Sasso Fratino has become a UNESCO world heritage site. Have lunch in a local trattoria. In the afternoon follow the old mule trail flanked by a brook crossed by old stone bridges to reach the abandoned town of Pietrapazza or visit a donkey farm to discover the importance of the local breed in the history of this area. Return to Bagno di Romagna in the late afternoon.

Day 6 - Fri Oct 25

After breakfast go on 2nd foray in forests near Bagno di Romagna. Have lunch in a local trattoria. In the afternoon visit a dairy farm where the local raviggiolo cheese gets made. Enjoy a cheese tasting and perhaps a raviggiolo cheese-making demonstration before heading back to our hotel.

Pennabili (4 nights)

Day 7 - Sat Oct 26

After breakfast transfer to Pennabilli, another quaint mountain village. Go on 3rd foray en route. Have lunch in a local trattoria. Arrive in Pennabilli in the afternoon. Check into rooms and visit this charming town home to some unusual sites namely a museum of mathematics and a garden of forgotten fruit trees.

Day 8 - Sun Oct 27

After breakfast spend the day at Sant'Agata in Feltria where an annual white truffle fair takes place on every weekend in October. The town is full of local wares, fall produce, and of course, all things truffle as stalls proudly display basketfuls of black and white truffles for you to admire and sniff. Have lunch at the fair. If we get tired of the crowds at the fair we can take a detour to Sogliano al Rubicone to seek the highly-prized Fossa cheese aged in tuff caves.

Day 9 - Mon Oct 28

After breakfast go on a truffle hunt with a truffle dog and enjoy a local white truffle meal. In the afternoon visit the medieval town of San Leo perched on the spur of a rock listed on the Touring Club as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Return to Pennabilli in the late afternoon.

Day 10 - Tues Oct 29

After breakfast go on another foray in the forests near Carpegna. After lunch in a local trattoria visit a pig farm where the free range pig Mora di Romagna is raised. Enjoy a barbecue lunch to sample this outstanding product then visit the town of Carpegna and sample what they are most famous for, their delicious DOP prosciutto.

Brisighella (3 nights)

Day 11 - Wed Oct 30

After breakfast transfer to new hotel in Brisighella. Visit the park of the salt pans of Cervia along the way then enjoy a fish and seafood meal in the old port of Cervia. If it is not too late and people are up for it, just a short detour away are the dazzling mozaics housed in some of the churches of nearby Ravenna. Reach new hotel in Brisighella, yet another mountain village of old world charm.

Day 12 - Thurs Oct 31

After breakfast go on 6th foray. Have lunch in a local trattoria. As Brisighella is in the heart of the Romagna wine district we will visit a local winery and have a wine tasting. Return to Brisighella in the late afternoon.

Day 13 - Fri Nov 1

After breakfast go on last foray. Have lunch in a local trattoria. Afternoon activity to be decided.

Day 14 - Sat Nov 2

After breakfast transfer to hotel near Bologna airport. Visit the town of Faenza en route. Faenza is a very elegant town with a remarkable historical center and a lovely central square. The town is famous worldwide for its hand painted ceramics as is attested by the excellent ceramics museum that houses the best collection of ceramics from around the world spanning in time from ancient Egypt to the present. Have lunch in Faenza before continuing on to new hotel.

Close to Bologna Airport (1 nights)

Day 15 - Sun Nov 3

Departure from Bologna airport. We recommend you book a flight that departs around noon (11am – 1pm). We will only offer a limited amount of transfers to airport therefore if you remain within our suggested time slot you can avoid having to wait at the airport for a long time if your flight departs very late or having to reach hotel by your own means if your flight departs very early.

In the next few weeks more specific information will be added regarding the afternoon activities and the mycological outings


"There are two types of people who eat truffles: those who think truffles are good because they are dear and those who know they are dear because they are good."

J.L. Vaudoyer






*All activities are subject to change on the basis of which options are deemed to be the most suitable in terms of current culinary standards, the weather conditions on a given day, and other relevant criteria.




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